Bitcoin Wallets Have Been Inactive For Years – Now they are “waking up” and worth real wealth

A Bitcoin wallet containing millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency has come out of dormancy.

For one reason or another, the wallet has not carried out transactions for years, despite the fact that it contains life-changing money.

The wallet has not been used since 2013, barely a few years after the mysterious creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, disappeared.

The wallet currently contains Bitcoin worth 15 million dollars, and it is unclear who is the owner of this account or why it was reactivated a while ago, writes Cointelegraph.

The wallet has 321 Bitcoins.

After eight years, the value of this amount increased from $6,594 to an incredible $15,103,046.

So far, the funds in the wallet have increased almost 2300 times.

The Bitcoin community is teeming with speculation about who owns the wallet and why it has just come out of hibernation.

Some believe that it could be a so-called whale, an individual, or a group with large stocks of Bitcoin, which will shake the market.

One tweeter outlined several possible reasons for activating the wallet.

According to them, there are many possibilities, from Satoshi Nakamoto deciding to return, to be a patient investor who will now sell his Bitcoins, to someone remembering his wallet and now wanting to be reminded of all previous transactions.

Multiple Bitcoin wallets activated

In recent months, several inactive Bitcoin wallets from the period from 2011 to 2013 have been reactivated, each of which contains several tens of millions of dollars worth of Bitcoins.

On September 19, the owner of an inactive Bitcoin wallet emptied his account and transferred all 616 Bitcoins to different accounts.

Old and inactive wallets from the early days of Bitcoin are reactivated with large amounts of cryptocurrency.

Early investors who invested several hundred dollars and kept their stakes evolved into Bitcoin whales, with values that continued to grow.

Another Bitcoin wallet woke up in January after being inactive since June 2010. The wallet had a cryptocurrency worth five million dollars.

In June 2021, another whale account with 900 Bitcoins became active.

On Sunday, after nine years, another inactive address was reactivated with 235 Bitcoins worth 11,114,901 dollars.

The inactive address with 225 Bitcoins was activated on Thursday after almost eight and a half years.

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